"Everyone around me got further and further away, as if I was sinking under water. The music drowned out the voices, the voices drowned out the music. The lights twinkled around my vision as close as stars."



Rinnaya has never known the land of Illyson to give her anything but loss. Her Ironskin Lineage, once powerful and prosperous, is now reviled. And while dealing with the unbearable loss of her parents, her older brother left her to raise her younger brother, Liam, alone. All she wants is to give Liam a happier, safer childhood than she had.

But when she discovers her essence contains the same latent power that led to the Ironskins’ demise, she is forced to leave Liam behind to receive training. If she doesn’t, he’ll be taken from her to protect him from her uncontrolled abilities. But leaving home for the first time stirs the darkness in her lingering trauma.

When her older brother reveals a plot for an Ironskin rebellion, and that he’s placed her at the centre of it, it becomes harder to separate her past from her present. As she decides between helping the rebellion or severing yet another family tie, Rin must face her loss if she wants to heal her heart, control her power, and stop a war.



At its core, Moon Beetles is really a lovely portrait about self-image, mental health, and how our relationships with others can really inform our view of ourselves, coupled with a unique, fascinating fantasy world that comes to life the deeper you get into the novel.

~Amazon Review

This was a great read. Fantasy with grit, and characters with real emotional depth. Joyce's characters are relatable and evocative. I found myself wanting to crawl into the pages and tell the characters to pull themselves together or to console them. They were that real.

~Amazon Review

It is a beautifully descriptive tale that sucks you in right from the start. I was thrown into a little bubble of fantasy every time I opened the book. I absolutely loved it!

~Amazon Review

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