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I am a Canadian self publishing author and I'm excited to share my novels with you. Follow me on Instagram and subscribe to my newsletter to stay updated about my writing!

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B. Joyce

B. Joyce moved around a lot growing up. The movement made it into her blood, and she has never lived in the same house for more than four years. For now, she lives in the woods, by a lake, with her parents, her brother, and their cats. B has taken her time to get to know her path in life, first with a quick jaunt through the scientific realm of psychology and biology, but went quickly back to artistic endeavors. Alongside her writing, she takes care of her mom who suffers from a rare autoimmune disorder. Between writing and caretaking, she can be found playing videogames, drawing, and taking long walks.  

Image by Валерия Прокопович

New Adult

Image by Daniil Silantev

B. Joyce writes new adult fiction. This category features protagonists roughly 18-25 years old. Themes include leaving home, relationships, identity, sexuality, and careers.

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Image by Giordano Rossoni

B writes high fantasy that explores  real world mental health issues.

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