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Illyson is one of three larger continents on the planet Karess. In Illyson, you will find beasts of all sizes and demeanors, the nine hédin lineages with their unique and powerful essences, and three different types of energy that make the world so magical.

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BEASTS: Beasts are creatures of the land, water, and sky that are enhanced with essence. Some are more hostile than others as their essence can be corrupted.

Some landmasses on the Karess float due to an accumulation of chaotic energy, or utanic energy.

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The human-like inhabitants of Illyson are known as hédine. They have special body systems that produce essence, giving them magical enhancements.

The Nine Enhanced Hédin Lineages


The Ironskins were the first established lineage with defined essence enhancements. The first ancestor to have the Ironskin impenetrable skin was Keena. Her parents, Carnity and Dien, had the abilities to heal and manipulate heat. These abilities enhanced Keena's bodily homeostasis, strengthening her skin, immune system, and healing ability when her weak spot was wounded.


The Fyrra have vegetation affinity that is aligned with pure unama (giving) energy. They place high value on peace, growth, and restoration for nature and the people of Illyson.

Fyrra are often involved in charity work, not for profit organizations, and medicine. Even though the majority are pacifists, some become Protectors, often medics or monitors.

Monitors are medics who are assigned to aid someone who's had an unintentional essence burst that lead to someone's death. Monitors offer one on one medical and psychological assistance to assist the person as they gain control over their essence.


The Luminee essence has an intermediate energy alignment, a mix of sustaining jint energy and destroying fann energy. They have the ability to control light, but not just light, the absence of it too. They manipulate shadow and draw strength from the sun.

They are a proud, cunning, and high achieving lineage. They know the lines of morality well and bridge the grey areas. 


As their name implies, Beastbloods have an essence affinity for animals/beasts. They're shape shifters. Each individual has a specific animal they can transform into. Depending on essence strength, they may also be able to summon ancient beasts, and communicate with animals. Something that makes Beastbloods unique is that they have essence channels (flowing essence) as well as essence nodes (clusters of cells within certain tissues that contain essence). Essence nodes allow Beastbloods to create a projection of their Beastblood form. By focusing on their essence at these nodes they project energy as apposed to when they transform and let their essence run freely through their bodies


They are possibly the most visually stunning lineage. They all have a set of gorgeous wings. Many say that their essence affinity is for weather, which is true but in a truer sense they have environmental essence. From this environmental essence they get their wings because if you can manipulate your environment then you need to adapt to your environment. Their essence energy alignment is between unama and fann - a little give, a little take.


The Emberstead are proud, ambitious, and shrewd. Their essence has a fire affinity and is directly aligned with fann energy - energy that takes. Just like their essence, they seek power and novelty, always conquering. In Present day Illyson, they hold a lot of the social and political power as they often are found in high positions of government and the Guardian system.


This lineage has an essence affinity for water giving them control over water in all its forms. Their essence intermediate alignment between jint and fann.

Nytrue uphold values of peace and equality. They give to the poor religiously, always taking care of someone in need. Their homes are open, welcoming spaces filled with people, food, and conversation. They have contributed greatly to science with the mindset that we must always be moving forward.


Earthkin values are grounded in the strong foundation of family, growing community, and fostering individual identity.

Their earth affinity allows them to manipulate the earth, core energy, and gravity. Their ability to manipulate core energy comes from the intermediate alignment of their essence, between unama and fann. Core energy is jint aligned. The Earthkin essence repels the core energy in a way, altering it's flow.


The Lifeblood Lineage manipulate the air around them. They create powerful gusts of wind to fight and to accomplish work. But they can also control air to heal, if a person has the affinity for it.

Those with an affinity for healing can achieve up to four levels of healing. The first level is healing one's own tissue damage. At the second level, they are able to heal their own systemic diseases, third they can heal other peoples tissue damage, and fourth, they can heal tissue and systemic diseases in themselves and others.

The what they really manipulate is oxygen, not all the components of our air. By controlling oxygen they speed metabolic processes, encourage breathing, calm breaths, and encourage cells to move. It takes incredible skill, attention to detail, attention to body responses, and the ability to sense amounts of oxygen in order for the process to be healing and not destructive.

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Jint is stabilizing energy. It is unique in that it can be aligned with both unam and fann in active states, but in its resting state is has its own properties that fortify with strength.

Image by Luke Besley


Fann is energy that consumes. It attracts other forms of energy and matter to itself  to fuel its power. It gives off heat and allows matter to transform.

Image by Milad Fakurian


Unama is energy that gives. It is subtle, energizing, and restorative to the natural environment, allowing living things to grow, heal, and be well. 



Utanic energy is a chaotic, changeable energy. It occurs when jint, fann, and unama interact in balanced measures. 

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